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  • Uday with her telescope

Stargirl – Uday

Love this character! She’s quirky, cute and mysterious. She also loves the stars 🤩 Hmmm… […]

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  • Janet - Hard at work

Training – Conflicts in the Work Environment

eLearning Project - Cute animated people! My character's name is Janet ❤ How to build and maintain morale on your team to keep it productive. Hiring the best people for your team, and letting go of those who are holding your team back. Tips on growing your own career in management over time. Time management - how to handle all those meetings and messages.

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  • Radio Calico - Jingles

Jingle & Song Artist Sample vocals for Radio Calico

About Radio Calico Broadcasting from Florida’s Space Coast, Radio Calico is pioneering Hi-Res online radio. We’re streaming in 24-bit / 48kHz lossless high-resolution all day long, from source material that is at least high-definition and often better-than-CD quality. […]

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  • Rogue - Marvel - Sabine Rich

Hey there darlin’

One of my favorite Marvel characters Rogue, voiced in a Lenore Zann-ish kinda way! Love her 😍 […]

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Cloudpunk – City of Ghosts

Recorded additional lines for Cloudpunk’s DLC City of Ghosts. Voiced an additional quirky character named Neo. Which I am more than happy to do, being a huge Keanu fan. I know, I know different projects lol But the same name!! […]

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  • Master Ruff

Well we have a cat demo, why not a dog demo?

Sorta? I had an audition for a dog. A male dog. Oh and this dog is a martial arts master and doesn’t talk. But he does make noises. Lots of them lolol effort sounds, hits, things like that and he can’t be too Goofy sounding, heh see what I did there? Goofy? Sigh… […]

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