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  • Movie Town

Movie Town

I’m not sure when it will be open or if I’ll ever be able to visit… but it’s neat as I am one of the English voices at one of Movie Town’s theme parks in China! You know, when you hear the park spiels like, “Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times” Or “Please exit to the doors on your left” The phrases are a little bit different at these theme parks, but the same general idea. […]

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  • Baby Crying

Baby’s Cry

Here’s a quick audio clip of a crying baby. Thankfully, it’s a very quick clip as a longer one would for sure get annoying fast lol I had no idea I could do this! But the amaaaazing Pat Fraley wrote about a neat way to pull this off that he learned from another amaaaazing source : ) Here’s a Tips & Tricks link to that as well if you’re curious on how to do it…

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This game is so beautiful and the music sounds amazing! Just driving around the city and exploring is a good way to chill & relax. Too bad I am a terrible HOVA driver, ugh… is the flying car supposed to spark and smoke?! lol Anyways, I voice a few small side characters in this unique Blade Runner-esque game. […]

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Well, howdy!

I voice a few of these cute avatars in a game called Casino World. Slots are pretty fun to play, especially when ya win of course! More info on the game… A social casino with tycoon gameplay, Casino World offers over 40 casual casino-style games, including nearly 30 slots, and the ability for players to create their very own Vegas-like cities. No matter their level in the game, Casino World tycoons can play their favorite games, chat with friends, share virtual goods, host parties and build their empire alongside thousands of online players! […]

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  • Madame Meow-selle

Madame Meow-selle

Le Meow Yep, cat sounds! A cat demo? I guess so! Anyways, these were recorded for a fun project that required, you guessed it! Meows! Isn’t that Meow-velous!! Ok, ok, I’m purry sorry about that. Oh hissss…

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