• Rogue - Marvel - Sabine Rich

Hey there darlin’

One of my favorite Marvel characters Rogue, voiced in a Lenore Zann-ish kinda way!

Love her 😍 I was shortlisted for a Rogue role earlier this year. I didn’t get the gig, but WOW was I excited to be shortlisted, almost! Maybe next time 🤞

Beautiful Rogue watercolor painting by the amazing Sabine Rich!

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  • Master Ruff

Well we have a cat demo, why not a dog demo?

Sorta? I had an audition for a dog. A male dog. Oh and this dog is a martial arts master and doesn’t talk. But he does make noises. Lots of them lolol effort sounds, hits, things like that and he can’t be too Goofy sounding, heh see what I did there? Goofy? Sigh… (more…)

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  • Movie Town

Movie Town

I’m not sure when it will be open or if I’ll ever be able to visit…
but it’s neat as I am one of the English voices at one of Movie Town’s theme parks in China!

You know, when you hear the park spiels like,

“Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times”

Or “Please exit to the doors on your left”

The phrases are a little bit different at these theme parks, but the same general idea. (more…)

2022-07-05T09:45:17-04:00June 1st, 2020|Adult Voice, General|
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