• Master Ruff

Well we have a cat demo, why not a dog demo?

Sorta? I had an audition for a dog. A male dog. Oh and this dog is a martial arts master and doesn’t talk. But he does make noises. Lots of them lolol effort sounds, hits, things like that and he can’t be too Goofy sounding, heh see what I did there? Goofy? Sigh… (more…)

2022-07-05T09:44:41-04:00September 4th, 2020|Adult Voice, Animal Sounds, Games, General, Soundclouds|
  • Madame Meow-selle

Madame Meow-selle

Le Meow

Yep, cat sounds! A cat demo? I guess so!

Anyways, these were recorded for a fun project that required, you guessed it! Meows!

Isn’t that Meow-velous!! Ok, ok, I’m purry sorry about that. Oh hissss…

2022-05-31T16:25:08-04:00February 1st, 2020|Animal Sounds, Soundclouds|
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