As I sit here typing out this little “not related to voice stuff but still fun” note, out my window I am watching a flock of white ibis doing their ibis thing =D which is poking the ground looking for bugs apparently! But it’s neat watching them, just watching and being in nature. It’s something we can do for free! and it soothes the soul. We all need that for sure… (more…)

2021-09-21T17:58:20-04:00September 21st, 2021|Other Things|


Hmmm, well this is an Extra! Extra! for sure 😂 but wanted to do a little plug for hubby’s amazing, and I mean amazing astrophotography!! It’s kinda crazy what you can see and image right from your own driveway with a telescope! (more…)

2021-09-25T11:32:00-04:00May 25th, 2021|Other Things|
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