Hmmm, well this is an Extra! Extra! for sure 😂 but wanted to do a little plug for hubby’s amazing, and I mean amazing astrophotography!! It’s kinda crazy what you can see and image right from your own driveway with a telescope!

If you want to see more purty pics, head over to his site Most of them were taken from our driveway. Crazy! He’s extremely modest about his pictures, but they are sooo pretty. We recently upgraded and put in our very own observatory! It’s cute =D Been a dream of his for years to do that… There’s a few images on the site from the new observatory.

We have had some fun creating something called “Live Star Parties” as well. That’s what this video is, and I guess it has our voices in it, sooo… there’s the “Voiceover” tie-in  😉 But for these, when we started, we thought it might be neat to have people look through the telescope with us Live. We haven’t worked on any new videos in awhile, but maybe now with the new lil’ observatory, we will 🌟