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AI Voice

Super fun voicing for Fenix Fire’s Osiris: New Dawn and my first AI type voices! Hope there’ll be more like this down the road =D (more…)



Hmmm, well this is an Extra! Extra! for sure 😂 but wanted to do a little plug for hubby’s amazing, and I mean amazing astrophotography!! It’s kinda crazy what you can see and image right from your own driveway with a telescope! (more…)


TES Renewal Project

Sample of some VO for The Elder Scrolls Renewal project. Wow the scope of this!! It’s a WIP, but amazing! They are all such hard workers and so talented! I’m proud to be a small part of it =D (more…)

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  • Grace Puzzle

Miss Grace

A character I voiced for Elephant Games. She’s so cute isn’t she?
Looks a little bit like Harry Potter’s sister ❤

Very fun!


Here’s a link if you want to check out any of their other games : )
Elephant Games

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  • Master Ruff

Well we have a cat demo, why not a dog demo?

Sorta? I had an audition recently for a dog. A male dog. Oh and this dog is a martial arts master and doesn’t talk. But he does make noises. Lots of them lol efforts, hits, things like that and he can’t be too Goofy sounding, heh see what I did there? Goofy? Sigh… (more…)

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