I voiced a couple characters for this project, it’s in its very early stages but looks like it’s going to be a different kind of game and I’m all in on that. In this short sample I am the Protagonist but when he is younger. The mature voice is the character Father played by Bruce Grant. Is he the real father or is he something else?? Guess we’ll find out 😄

More on the game…
Cognition Method is a story-driven, first-person puzzle game inspired by Space Odyssey 2001 and Solaris. Discover innovative mechanics of altering gravity and dive into the surreal setting.

Earth is on the brink of demise when the scientists discover the Cube, a mysterious space structure of unknown origin. The Cube is believed to hold the key to solving humanity’s problems and transforming mankind once and for all. It is now up to you to venture into the artifact and uncover its’ secrets. You will soon learn, however, that the Cube is a weird and perilous place, and its’ secrets are protected by a series of trials featuring impossible geometry and changing gravity.

Cognition Method Steam page

They also have a Discord where they post updates on things. They have some sweet in-dev shots there as well!